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WELCOME visitors from around the world.

The foundation for the All Nations Cultural Center has been laid and the structure is on it’s way to becoming the first of it’s kind in the western world. The center will showcase and preserve  a variety of sacred artifacts from the Indigenous North American Indian Tribes, in addition to providing opportunities for higher education.

Similar to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii, the the All Nations Cultural Center has been designed to provide world class presentation while preserving and sharing with the world a glimpse of culture and living conditions of our Native North American ancestors. All Nations Cultural Center circles around the central concepts of PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and CULTURAL PRESERVATION. The North American natives have a strong sense of spirit and closeness to their God. They want to be examples of these virtues to others and be teachers to their own children. We feel this will help active participants to increase their personal self-esteem by helping them to identify and to be proud of their own unique cultural history. This effort will help build confidence in the future and strengthen the Native American’s ability to become self-reliant.

When the All Nations Cultural Center is completed, the management team (TEAM) is intending to align with and live by the traditional values of the Native American tribal nations setting an example for all peoples of the world.

North American history includes examples of successful unified leagues of Native American tribal nations.

The Indigenous peoples of North America created the first “republican form of government” on the continent . This occurred among the “Iroquois League” from the Great Lakes Region, which became one of the models considered by the colonists when they envisioned “power to be vested in the people” with representatives responsible for promoting the common welfare of the citizens of the United States of America. It is in our design that this center will showcase the vast diversity of the North American tribes in all their glory. Each tribe having their individual sovereignty and identity intact, for the first time brought together in one venue, “telling their story’s” and sharing their passions and culture with the world in a meaningful way.

Our management team (TEAM) will be made up of Leaders from the 100 tribes represented and will apply the MISSION and VISION as they seek funding, hire employees, inspire the students and represent the combined civilizations of the North American people.

Designed to be the worlds largest, Native American Indian Cultural Center
we expect this attraction will be educational, entertaining and beneficial to visitors of all ages, giving an unprecedented chance for all tribes to contribute in the largest Native wisdom sharing center ever assembled.

Hotel/Hospitality and Spa:
Created and designed to preserve ancient designs and culture while showcasing all the amenities of modern times.


Entertainment aspect: We will produce a culturally interesting and visually engaging All Nations show that captures the imagination of visitors taking them on a journey of discovery into Americas True History.

History aspect:
We will design and create a “True History of The American Tribes Room” giving tribes that participate an unprecedented chance to,” share their oral stories and history, their way”.

The Library aspect:
To provide a unique cultural research experience for students, researchers and teachers. The library will help students from the contributing 100 tribes, wanting to work at the CENTER, to earn a university degree at UNLV or a trade/vocational certificate from Northwest Career College. The Library will be the counseling and administrative center for these students. The library will also provide resources to help them learn their tribal language, customs and the unique trades, skills and talents of their forefathers.
Other center aspects include:

Healing Center, sharing native herbal knowledge and healing methods. Ancient ritual sweat lodge.
Vision Quest.
Native music and dance center, learn to dance and sing native music.
Indigenous arts and crafts area, with paintings and rugs and other learning activities.
Jewelry design and sales area, design your own or purchase native crafted jewelry.
Native foods court, traditional indigenous foods with a twist.
Mother Earth and Father Sky area, learn the value that indigenous cultures place on the earth and sky.

“You can help lift a damaged culture”.



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