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“There’s no thrill in easy sailing
When the skies are clear and blue,
There’s no joy in merely doing things,
Which anyone can do.
But there is some satisfaction
that is mighty sweet to take,
When you reach a destination that
you thought you’d never make”.

Author Unknown

Whether it be travel, adventure or lifestyles we all are explorers. We educate ourselves to  be able to climb our mountains and carry our burdens. We at Destinations Journal, hope that through our magazine any body worldwide can find the road they might need to take or want to learn about and even want to travel through to truly “live up” in our world.

Whether it be about the circle of canyons or the circle of life, you may find some new perspectives about our planet.

I like to take the long way home.

Life means activity, and those that fully ”live up” the days and years know the constant stir and urge of activity. Whether one is surrounded by ample spaces or a tiny village, one must ever be up and about. One must mix with others and see things! In these brisk times to settle in one spot and do nothing is to, “hang” quite out of fashion– like a rusty nail. Even if we cannot go far, we must at least see what is just around the corner. And when our curiosity there has been satisfied, our eyes gaze on ahead to the things that are further away. In that mood of wanderlust any other place seems more attractive than the place in which we just were. Life is eagerly beckoning us on and curiosity is urging us to go, go, go and see the wonderful things that lie out there “beyond the borders.”  It is this urge that impelled the explorer and pioneer and that has peopled the continents and islands of the earth until now– there is little land between sea and sea, and pole to pole that has not been trod by the foot of man.

Our urge today is to go and see—anywhere, everywhere, east and west, north and south—to find fresh scenes, unknown and extraordinary peoples, and new experiences. Also today’s wanderlust knows no season. In winter as well as summer we feel the urge. It is reflected in the public press, the travel magazines, and the pages and pages of books, not to mention newspapers. Modern transportation methods make it easy for anyone to go anywhere. All we need is the time and the money to sail away in comfort to the land of our dreams.

The best feature of it all is that the joy of the trip is not over when we return. For many of us the best part of going away, is coming home– to settle down quietly and live the travel days over and over again in memory.



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