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Russell Stewart Marriott III

Destinations Journal is honored to promote dialogue that explores how educating oneself of other cultures can lift all to a higher plane of Peace during the holiday season.
Russell Stewart Marriott III is the projects creator, co-writer and producer of the Rise of The 2000 Sons. Stewart’s interest in Native American stories and legends runs deep. He lived among the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni Indians and a Navajo family adopted Stewart into their tribe and fully immersing him into their culture.
His passion for this film resides deep inside the films ancient story taking the viewer on a cathartic journey of the soul, addressing a struggle for inner-peace we all can relate to as individuals, families, communities and nations posing the age old question, is peace mightier than war?
This films ancient indigenous message may be Stewart’s most powerful platform yet for his global inner-peace movement the entitled, “Bury Your Inner Weapons 4 Peace,” a global movement which is hard at work to help raise inner-peace consciousness and peace awareness in 100 million people globally via; film, music, art, cultural centers and social media.
Stewart’s film team is based in Las Angeles while he is currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he is laying the foundation for the films sister project, the All Nations Cultural Center (for all North American indigenous), a unique center slated to be the first of its kind which is envisioned to showcase the diverse cultures of all participating North American Indigenous Nations here in the Las Vegas Valley. Stewart travels extensively promoting the film, Cultural Center and the Bury Your Inner Weapons 4 Peace social cause promoting increased global-peace.
Check this out, they are on a mission to bring films and books to the world with messages of hope that promote a spirit of peace!

Please consider joining us in this effort.

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