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                                                                               Who I am now that I left.
I take responsibility for my own feelings and actions.
I love more.
I bless more.
I have my own opinions and views and I am not ashamed of them.
I respect yours.
I love more , when I do it is with my own intent and not because I am told to.
I do not think that I will be saved and you will be damned.
I do not judge people as much.
I am a better person today.
Most of the time I do what I want to.
I am not influenced by others very easily.
I have learned to love my own opinions , but that is a hard one to overcome.
I love to travel
I love to wear makeup.
I love to dress up
I love to shop.
I love big jewelry.
I love people.
I love to socialize.
I love to read.
I love education.
I love to explore.
I am curious about everything.
I enjoy people very much. Especially new people and new ideas. I just love my life now. It is not easy, because of so many changes so fast!

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